November 26, 2016

Summa 21

Summa 21 is a passionate book about Christian theology. The discussion of doctrine is disruptive, credible, creative, and brilliant.  Summa 21 explores the metaphysical relationship of science and theology, redefines the nature of God, and shows how we make a conscious connection with the spiritual. It discusses several contemporary questions about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, and provides a comprehensive update of 21st century Christian values. Summa 21 challenges popular thinking about evolution, creation, hell, and heaven; and presents an alternative theological interpretation that is more consistent with contemporary knowledge.

The spiritual exists. How do we explain it? Is science on the verge of melding the spiritual with the physical?

If we wish to discover the reality of our existence, then creative science must come together with enlightened theology. Let us search for truth by merging contemporary knowledge, common sense, and inspirational theology, with a deeply spiritual sense of the divine.

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