April 08, 2018

Mary and Joseph

July, 6 B.C.

Unaware of the approaching soldiers, the lovely young girl concentrated on her task, carefully filling the waterskin with as much water as it would hold from the community well. There were four of them, rough barbarian mercenaries from the garrison at Capernaum. When she bent over the wall of the well to finish her task, one of the men quietly crept up behind her. Shameless, evil and full of lust he leered at the helpless girl. Rape was a common form of amusement for these men and it reinforced the dominance of Roman oppression. 
The soldier scratched his dirty ragged beard and waited for her to turn around. Unaware of the man behind her, Mary pulled the heavy waterskin out of the well, positioned the leather strap around her shoulder, and turned to go home. A sudden wave of shock and terror swept over her when she saw the soldier. Mary screamed.

From my novel Am I Your Son?

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