Am I Your Son?

Think of this as a gospel novel. There is romance, love, hate, conflict, adventure and all of the other elements we expect in a novel. The characters have interesting personalities. Jesus is a guy we would like to know. He has intelligence, character, and charisma. Women have value, status, and substance. Men are challenged to grow in stature and knowledge. The basic gospel plot, which has been told many times, receives a 21st century update. The theology has also been updated to 21st century beliefs. Descriptions of geography, buildings, and towns, along with portrayals of cultural influences and historic events lend context to the story.

Although most of the story is credible, there is a risk in writing about the life of Jesus in 21st century terms. We see Jesus as we want to see him rather than his actual persona, or the person we meet in the Bible. But I believe this risk is offset by telling a story that is internally consistent, presents an interesting progression of events, is historically more accurate, and adds material not found elsewhere.

There is more theological material in this novel than I originally intended, but then ­-- it is a gospel novel. The roots of Christian belief deserve our thoughtful consideration. They are important to the evolution of human philosophy.

Fair warning. This is not your grandmother’s Jesus. Zealots will scream heresy. But let us remember: this is not the first century, it is the 21st century. A gospel is good news. The spiritual still exists.

If God wants to speak to us,
we should listen

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