August 21, 2016

Can We Connect With a Personal God?

For educated 21st century Christians, the image of God as a nice old man with a long flowing white beard is charming mythology. We believe this cannot possibly be true. But then, this raises a question: how should we characterize God?  What does he look like? If he doesn’t sit upon a cloud high above us, then where is he?

And perhaps the most important question of all: are we able –each one of us – to have a personal God?

Unfortunately, our human concept of a Christian God has not changed much in almost 2000 years. Jesus wisely framed our understanding of God in terms we could understand circa 2030 AD. Jesus clearly believed in a personal connection with the God He knew and loved. He encourages us to embrace our own personal relationship with God, either though Him or through sincere prayer and sensitive states of consciousness. But how do we make this connection?

Fortunately, 21st century scientific knowledge, philosophical concepts, and enlightened theology do give us the clues we seek. We need to sort through all the available information in order to develop a consistent and logical answer to the questions raise in the first paragraph of this essay.

As I proposed in Summa 21, God the Holy Spirit (the spiritual force that is consciousness) exists in another dimension of our universe. That means God is everywhere, surrounding us at all times with compassion, love, and the energy of life. The more open we are to God, the closer we get to the moral life-force that exists throughout the Cosmos.

All over our planet there are persons who use meditation as a means of connecting with the universal consciousness of the Cosmos. They become aware of a higher level of spiritual being. However it may be expressed, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, and Christian theology all support the reality of this connection. For some, a connection with a higher consciousness (or higher plane) is a sufficiently rewarding spiritual experience. But for many of us, we yearn for a one on one connection with God.

And we can. Does it not seem logical that if God is powerful enough to create heaven, earth and living creatures, then God is also able to manifest Himself in the form of a familiar person? Universal consciousness becomes human by linking with our core consciousness (or inner being) though the process of quantum entanglement. We are usually unaware of any activity within the core of our conscious self because these processes occur within the neuron (rather than between cells). For some observers, quantum theory suggests we may have a profound spiritual connection with the universe at this level of consciousness. If so, it is the link to our most powerful sense of the beautiful, the majestic, and the noble.

The separation between the dimensions of our familiar universe, and the dimension within which The Holy Spirit dwells, is but a very thin veil in the space time continuum. If we are willing to look, The Holy Trinity (or God, if you prefer) can be discovered through introspection and communication with God as the Holy Spirit. If we make an honest, sincere and humble attempt to seek God, He will listen and counsel. We will discover God is love, as He has taught us through the words of Jesus Christ, and is ready to engage with us on a very personal level. As taught by Jesus, we are able to connect with The Holy Trinity (God), through sincere prayer and sensitive states of consciousness.

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