December 16, 2016

The Angels' Footpath

This is the compelling story of a 21st century Prophet. The drama unfolds in an era of political oppression and chronic recession. There is talk of revolution. People of faith are being challenged. An infant with a special gift is born into this growing cultural chaos. We follow his life and share his experiences as he discovers the value of love, endures tragedy, encounters conflict, and overcomes persecution. We witness his wonderful transformation and the power of his unique gift. He reveals a contemporary message of faith, demonstrates the reality of spiritual transcendence, and shows us the path to heaven.

Set in the not-to-distant future, the people we meet are authentic, and the drama is realistic. The women in his life personify the values of love and compassion. Men of faith teach him the word of God. He works with his friends to overcome persecution in a setting of political chaos. The concept of spiritual transcendence, which is a central theme of this novel, is emotionally credible.

Over 50 people read promotional copies of The Angels’ Footpath. Here is a sample of reader comments:

-  The Angels’ Footpath is a moving and captivating novel...
-  The plot is very realistic.
-  The characters are quite interesting and easy to connect with.
-  This is a very deeply written story.
-  I cried: tears of sadness and tears of joy, and I laughed.
-  I am impressed with the multiple story threads and depth of thought.
-  The Angels' Footpath is an amazing spiritual journey...
-  It is a very interesting book from the beginning to the last page.
-  Angels presents a prescient characterization of America.
-  The novel provides much food for thought in its wide ranging scope.
- I didn't think Christian fiction was very interesting.... Boy was I wrong!
- I enjoyed the ease ... to read it.  It flowed and the prose was beautifully illustrated...
-  Cooke’s compelling and impressive writing style makes you want to continue reading late into the night
- Will there be a sequel?

With the exception of two characters, the people who accompany us on our journey through The Angels’ Footpath are drawn from contemporary Americana. They come from a diversity of cultural and economic circumstances. By temperament, they range from loving to down right nasty. We see the best and worst of humanity.

People of faith survive.

As for the two exceptions: ... well... you’ll just have to read The Angels’ Footpath to discover who they are....

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