May 12, 2017

Consciousness as a Creative Force

Mechanistic evolution is essentially accepted as an undisputed fact within the scientific community and academia. But secular evolutionists have chosen to force a theory of creation and evolution on us that is totally devoid of consciousness, awareness, or intelligence. We know, however, these attributes are fundamental characteristics of all animals that can think, including and especially humans. How can any discussion of evolution leave out these fundamental attributes? Do they exist? Of course they do, and any discussion of life must include a consideration of consciousness, awareness, and intelligence. Future scientific debate needs to consider both the physical and the nonphysical elements of evolution. Where possible, theories must be confirmed by the methods of science. Intelligence, in the form of consciousness, is no longer considered a myth. This change in the evolution debate has prompted a few scientists and theologians to suggest the ultimate answer will be the result of cooperation, rather than confrontation, between theology and science. This is a journey that demands intellectual honesty, an open mind, and the tools of thorough inquiry.

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