June 25, 2017

Two Handed Handshake

From time to time we may see a person grasp the hand of another person with both hands. One hand is placed on top of the other person’s hand and one is placed underneath the other person’s hand.

The use of two hands in a handshake conveys positive emotion; communicates honesty and sincerity; and is a sign of warmth, sympathy and compassion. It is not unusual for members of the clergy and the medical professions to convey their feelings in this manner. They are going out of their way to say “I care.”

When you have feelings of sincere compassion for another person, I encourage you show your sympathy and empathy with a two handed handshake.  Keep it warm, and keep it brief.  And by the way:

My father was a minister.
He often used both hands in a handshake when consoling another person.

My father did it because he loved people.

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