September 06, 2018

We are connected: all life and energy.

If we understand the basic structure and activity of the brain, we realize how our intellect is able to interact with the conscious energy that exists everywhere in the Cosmos. It is this mechanism that connects us with God through prayer and meditation.

We know energy may dissipate, or it may change in form, but it never ceases to exist. Neurons in our brain generate and receive the energy of consciousness. These “packets” may be positive (projected as loving), neutral (no emotional reaction), or negative (given as hateful). When these packets “arrive”, the recipient may generate a like reaction (loving and united, neutral and passive, or hateful and alienated). Positive thoughts encourage a connection (coming together reaction) through love, peace, generosity, humility, and so on. Negative thoughts include the alienating (repelling) energy of hate, anger, greed, arrogance, and so on. Conscious energy may be generated internally, by our brain, or come from sources that are external to the body.

During periods of calm concentration, the sensitivity of this interaction provides us with the ability to sense transcendent phenomena. We are able to connect to the spiritual with the elusive “sixth sense”, that has been much discussed but whose attributes remain largely incomprehensible. Although human intellect usually filters it out, we may become aware of a greater consciousness; one that surrounds and connects to our psychological state. Elevated unfiltered brain activity, as in prayer or meditation, increases our conscious awareness of the physical and not physical ecosystem within which we exist. If we are sincere in our effort, it is possible to sense, and then share, another person’s conscious spiritual state. Conscious energy flows from one person to the other.

The existence of conscious energy is not an element of faith but rather a matter of fact. It is unfortunate our “rational” cerebral cortex filters out spiritual energy (external consciousness) because it is – apparently – outside our normal experience and is therefore considered as being irrational. Our conscious mind is focused on, and limited by, centuries of conditioned behavior in the way we process information from the five senses of Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch. External stimuli are normally filtered because our survival demands we focus on the reality and activity of our immediate physical environment. But thousands of sixth sense examples have been described by participants. A twin sister, though miles from her sibling, senses her sister’s anguish. A mother senses her baby is in trouble, even though he is in the next room. We may sense danger before it happens. We are able to detect the emotional stress of another person, even if we cannot see them. We know someone is calling us before the telephone rings. And so on.

When we accept the existence of a higher level of conscious sensitivity, we enable our ability to experience the spiritual though the mechanisms of prayer and meditation. We discover the energy of the spiritual flows around us. It is everywhere. We are connected to the Cosmos as a whole: all life and energy. And if we let our being go with the flow, we are able to sense the Spiritual. We may not be able to identify where it is located. We don’t know how it works. We don’t what percentage of the approximately 100 billion neurons in our brain sense conscious energy. But we come to understand it exists.

And with this discovery, it is possible to establish a connection to the conscious energy of God.

extracted from Chapter Two of   “Summa 21”
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