February 03, 2019

The First Person to Love is.... Me

Aside from our parents and siblings, the first person with whom we have a relationship is our personal self. The acts of growing up force us to confront the person we see in the mirror. True maturity comes when the person we observe is a trusted friend whose values and judgment we admire.

If we are comfortable with ourselves, then we have the confidence to love others.... even if they are hostile. When combined with genuine humility, self-confidence permits us to maintain a temperate disposition. All our relationships, be they a brief encounter with another person or the lasting bond of a friend, are framed by a positive and constructive expression of self.

Love of self must never be arrogance or the strutting of personal power. Selfless sharing is the basis for lasting and healthy relationships. If we are self-confident we are able to place limits on our ego in order to associate with another person on an equal basis. As we mature, we soon learn the best relationships are a unity. Two become one in thought and deed. We honor those with whom we chose to have a relationship by honoring them as we would our personal self.

The two phrases: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”; and “Love your neighbor as yourself,” assume we know and are comfortable with who we are....

Father Giovanni

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