February 25, 2019

The Principle of Infinite Possibilities

Two poles express a unity of reality. Each pole is the compliment of the other. But each pole represents the maximum condition of the opposite. Can reality be infinitely divided into a continuum of being between the two opposite poles?

Of course. The two poles of our bipolar reality express the maximum boundary of a continuum from one pole to another. 

We can be really happy or we can be very sad. Most likely, however, our actual state of mind will generally exist somewhere between these two extremes of possible bipolar emotions.

Cold is recognized as the opposite of hot. But there are many gradations of temperature between that which we my sense is cold, and that which we would call hot.

Very few of us are absolutely female or absolutely male. Most of us are genetically and socially somewhere in between these two poles of sexual taxonomy. We are most likely male, with some degree of the feminine, or female, with some degree of the masculine. The further we are from our sexual pole, the more we exhibit the characteristics of the opposite sex. This is all a very natural manifestation of the complex mechanisms that make us male or female.

Equilibrium is a balance of what is positive, what is neutral, and what is negative. But each one of these three of these components can become unstable. That which is positive can become unstable. That which is neutral can become unstable. That which is negative can become unstable. Perhaps only one component will become unstable, or perhaps two, or perhaps all three. Further, each component may become unstable at a different time, and for a different length of time.

It is also possible (perhaps inevitable) that the positive, the neutral and the negative will assume a fuzzy instability; one that is hard to detect and may include both finite and infinite elements. What we think we observe may be a temporary reality, a partial reality, or not reality. And one more point:

Our bipolar Cosmos is actually characterized by a complex set of tensions, which are also correlations. These tensions and correlations, in which each component is interdependent with the other two, characterize our spiritual expressions. We see them in our music, art, literature, philosophy, and theological concepts. We also see or sense them in our exploration of the fundamental elements (truths) of science.

Bipolar Reality and The Principle of Infinite Possibilities are fundamental constructs for a 21st century Christian Theology.



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