May 02, 2019

The Commandment to Love

Thoughts for The National Day of Prayer
Those who hate, accept a desolate death.
Depression follows them everywhere.
The ravages of distrust drain their senses.
They condemn themselves to mortal despair.

Happiness eludes the cynic.
Love avoids the arrogant.
Anger creates hostility.
Indifference invites isolation.

Murderers are condemned to Oblivion.
Torture is the handmaiden of death.
Suicide desecrates the energy of Life.
Abortion violates natural law.

I command you, therefore:
Commit not the works of hatred.
Do what the Lord would do.
Fill your heart with the peace of love.

Love those who are your enemy.
Welcome the stranger.
Assist the injured.
Comfort those in need.

Love thy neighbor as thyself.
Embrace a positive and constructive view.
Experience the wonders of the Temporal Universe.
Sense the energy of the Spiritual Universe.

Let the gift of Love bring you closer to the Holy Spirit.
May love nourish your soul and give you peace.

from:  Summa 21

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