July 10, 2019

Are The Islamists Right?

Most Islamists, including many members of the Muslim Brotherhood, dream of establishing a global Muslim caliphate. They are gaining strength in Western Europe and North America. Vehemently anti-Western, they believe they will win because western morality has decayed and is vulnerable to their objectives.

Guns and laws will not defeat them.

There is a video on YouTube which serves as an example of these beliefs.  Although this video is a bit alarmist, it is very revealing. You can view it here:

This energy needs to be channeled into a more compassionate value system. Unfortunately, Christianity is not up to the challenge. Contemporary doctrine includes outdated human knowledge. Traditional Christian values have been distorted by socialist doctrine.

No. Contemporary Christianity will not be the source of alternative inspiration.

So here we are. Islamists have a point. Western moral values do need to be revitalized. But that will not happen unless there is a renaissance of Christian Theology and a reformation of spiritual expression that bring Christianity into the 21st century.

Let us explore the alternative.

The Only Way to Overcome Bad Ideas is to offer better ideas

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