The Angels’ Footpath

Astonishing spiritual connection. Moving. Captivating. Realistic. Heartbreaking tragedy healed by a woman’s Love.

This is the compelling story of a 21st century Prophet. The drama unfolds in an era of political oppression and chronic recession. There is talk of revolution. People of faith are being challenged by hostile secular theologies. An infant with a special gift is born into this growing cultural chaos. We follow his life and share his experiences as he discovers the value of love, endures tragedy, encounters conflict, and overcomes persecution. We witness his wonderful transformation and the power of his unique gift. He reveals a contemporary message of faith, demonstrates the reality of spiritual transcendence, and shows us the path to heaven.

Set in the not-to-distant future, the people we meet are authentic, and the drama is realistic. The women in his life personify the values of love and compassion. Men of faith teach him the word of God. His self-confidence is restored by the compassion of a stranger when he encounters heartbreaking tragedy. He is made whole again by the love of a compassionate woman. A natural leader, the Prophet and his extended family overcome the sinister hatred of mindless government persecution by working together.

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