Am I Your Son?

This is a 21st century novel about Jesus. Most of the story is credible. Much of the story is true. Jesus is presented as a creative, intelligent and interesting persona. His thoughts and actions are influenced by Jewish culture and beliefs. Women play a greater role in his life. As expected by the people of his community - he falls in love. A rebellious Jesus entertains thoughts of joining the revolt against Roman oppression. He travels and absorbs the knowledge and values of other cultures. A 31 year old Jesus is called to a ministry that will result in his death and resurrection.  

We see Jesus as we want to see him rather than his actual persona, or the person we meet in the Bible. But I believe this risk is offset by telling a credible story. We get to know all of the main characters as tangible personalities. They have a perfectly natural relationship with Jesus.  Descriptions of geography, buildings, and towns, along with descriptions of first century cultural influences and historic events lend context to the story.

To his religious peers, Jesus was a heretic. But with God’s help he started a revolution in theological philosophy.

If God wants to speak to us,
we should listen

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